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About Us



To become the best healthy food option in the world.


Expand our foods and products worldwide.


Prove that eating healthy does not have to be boring.


We are a restaurant with a concept dedicated to health. We have the people of all ages who want and understand how important it is to stay healthy in mind.

There is nothing like a good nutrition to accomplish this. In today’s world, being healthy is not just a fashion, it is a lifestyle and a consciousness awakening. It is a fact that many diseases are caused by bad nutrition, that is why Healthy Route 66 was born as an innovative and nutritional option for those who are moving towards healthy eating habits.

Our slogan express our feelings towards this new form of eating: “Healthy Eating is no longer boring”. Healthy food has always been labeled as insipid and not fun reason why we offer a great variety of dishes that are delicious and nutritious.