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Healthy Route 66 arises from our founder, Humberto Terán’s health personal history,  who needed to change his lifestyle and food intake when diagnosed with a high blood pressure condition

Dealing with it and also with a Transient Ischemic Attack is what motivated him to jump to the kitchen to create his own delicious and healthy recipes under the idea of Healthy Route 66 Restaurant, and which became a reality in 2012 with the opening of his first restaurant in the city of Doral, FL.

Healthy Route 66 is an innovative concept in the gastronomy specialized in healthy food that is beginning the expansion of its brand around the United States, Latin America, and Europe through the franchise business model.

For Humberto Teran, founder, and CEO of the company, to see his dream become a franchise as unique in the competitive market of healthy gastronomy, shows that his enterprise is making a before and after with a novel gourmet style.

This significant achievement makes the young entrepreneur commit in next years to continue developing excellent healthy recipes, and the brand will hit the market with a new line of healthy and delicious packaged products.

Humberto says: Healthy Route 66 goes beyond the physical appearance, of looking good; the concept focuses on the importance of eating healthy. Our motto “Healthy Eating Is NO Longer Boring,”